Child Trafficking in the EU

Trafficking in persons is a lucrative crime and a gross human rights violation which affects all EU Member States. Trafficking in children merits special attention in terms of anti-trafficking efforts as children are especially vulnerable to trafficking, re-trafficking and victimization and the number of children trafficked throughout the EU is on the rise. Investigation, protection and prevention measures for child trafficking are especially needed as the exploitation of children and violation of their rights have dramatic negative effects on children themselves and society as a whole

This internet platform aims to support policy-makers, researchers, local and international authorities in their counter-trafficking efforts by providing evidence based analysis information on new forms of child trafficking, evaluations and assessments of programs of assistance of children victims of human trafficking and their implementation. The website gathers and presents surveys, reports analyses on the extent of child trafficking in the EU and the occurrence of new forms of exploitation and presents methodologies for assessing child victim protection and support. Furthermore, the website gives suggestions for better monitoring and future improvements in counter-trafficking efforts.