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Governmental and Local Organizations

Ministry of Interior
The Ministry of Interior is the leading governmental body responsible for fighting trafficking in human beings and for creating the efficient policy of anti-trafficking. The Department of Parliamentary, Governmental Agenda and Advisory Activities of the Office of the Minister of the Interior is responsible for action against THB. This Department prepares and drafts the National Programme to Combat Trafficking in Human Beings, National action plans and organizes training for actors involved in the implementation of anti-trafficking instruments. The State Secretary of the Ministry of Interior is a National Co-ordinator for Combating THB within the National referral system. Since 2006, the Ministry of Interior runs the Programme of Support and Protection of Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings in cooperation with other state bodies and non-governmental organizations.

Pribinova 2, 812 72 Bratislava
Tel : (+ 421) 2 5094 1111

Information Centre for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings and Crime Prevention

In 2010, the Ministry of Interior created and established the Information Centre for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings and Crime Prevention in Ko?ice as its structural unit with task to collect the data on THB and process them.
Informa?n? centrum na boj proti obchodovaniu s ?u?mi a prevenciu kriminality Ko?ice
Komensk?ho 52, 041 26 Ko?ice
Tel.: (+421)55 6001 203 12
Web: http://www.minv.sk/?informacne-centrum-na-boj-proti-obchodovaniu-s-ludmi-a-prevenciu-kriminality

Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs
Involved in anti-trafficking activities and projects. It is the competent national authority to apply for interim measures.
?pitalska 8, 812 67 Bratislava
Tel.: (+421)  2 2046 0000
Web: http://www.upsvar.sk/?lang=en

Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport
Involved in anti-trafficking activities and projects
Stromov? 1, 813 30 Bratislava
Tel.: (+421) 2 59 374 111
Web: http://www.minedu.sk/index.php?lang=en

Office of the Plenipotentiary of the Slovak Government for the Roma Communities
Namestie slobody 1, 813 70 Bratislava

Non – Governmental Organizations

Slovak Crisis Center DOTYK
DOTYK – Slovak Crisis Centre is one of these NGOs and focuses on providing accommodation and assistance to victims of trafficking and domestic violence, both adults and children.
Beckov 87, 916 38 Beckov
Tel.: (+421) 4 2442 12 43
E-Mail: dotyk@dotyk.sk
Web: http://www.dotyk.sk/01-profil/index.php?lang=en
Civic Association N?ru?
The Civic Association N?ru? runs a crisis centre and offers shelter and protection to adult and child victims of domestic violence as well as child victims of abuse, including child victims of trafficking.
Web: http://www.naruc.sk/
Slovak Catholic Charity Caritas
The Slovak Catholic Charity Caritas which runs programmes of assistance to victims of trafficking.
Kapitulsk? 18, SK-814 15 Bratislava
Tel.: +421-2-5443 1506
Web: http://www.charita.sk/eng
International Organization for Migration (IOM) Office in Slovakia
Office of the IOM in Slovakia which runs assistance programme and closely cooperates with the Ministry of Interior. IOM facilitates the return of Slovak victims of THB from abroad and providing them with assistance measures on the basis of a contract with the Ministry of the Interior.
Grosslingova 4, 811 09 Bratislava
Tel.: (+421) 2 5263 15 97
E-Mail: iom@iom.sk
Web: http://www.iom.sk/en

Civil Association PRIMA

Outreach work relating to discovering possible victims of THB in the street sex business is carried out by the Civic Association Prima.
Hviezdoslavovo nam.17, SK-81105, Bratislava
Tel.: (+ 421) 903 429 385

Research and Analysis Organizations

Police Academy in Bratislava

The Police Corps Academy carried out a research in 2010 which focused on forms of THB for the purpose of forced labour. In cooperation with other actors the Academy conducted two country-wide surveys on possible risks of THB and forced labour as well.
Sklabinska 1, 835 17 Bratislava
Tel: (+421) 961 057402
Web: http://www.akademiapz.sk/

Children’s Home Topo??any

Web: http://www.dedtopolcany.sk/

People in Need Slovakia

Web: http://peopleinneed.sk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=117&Itemid=139&lang=sk – information on THB projects, available only in Slovak
International Organization for Migration (IOM) Office in Slovakia
Web: http://www.iom.sk/en