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National Agency against Trafficking in Persons

One particular institutional set up, with very positive results since its operationalization, is the ANITP within the Minister of Internal Affairs, a multidisciplinary team consisting of police officers, social workers, psychologists and sociologists, governmental entity tasked to ensure co-ordination, among anti-trafficking actors, state and non-governmental ones, develop policies and prevention activities. The Agency have national coverage through its 15 regional centres set up to mirror at a smaller scale the Central Unit, being also composed of police officers, social workers, psychologists and sociologists performing similar tasks at local level. One of the outcomes of Agency involvment was a consistent improvement of the anti-trafficking response, guided by the victim centred approach principle. Programs like transnational referral mechanism, developed within a SEE countries project coordinated by ICMPD, currently implemented by Romanian authorities when Romanian victims are repatriated with agency support or Victims co-ordination during criminal proceedings that facilitated access to justice for an increased number of victims, are some of the measures that contributed to a steady development of anti-trafficking capacity resulting in a decrease of the number of victims in the past years and more successful prosecutions and conviction of perpetrators.


Coordination of anti-trafficking actions at national level

The Government Decision no. 460/2011 designated ANITP to coordinate, evaluate and monitor the implementation of anti-trafficking, victim protection and assistance policies by public institutions at national level, being subordinated to the Minister of Internal Affairs. ANITP runs fifteen Regional Centres to monitor the local implementation of the National Action Plans and to support anti-trafficking activities performed in the ANITP’s area of responsibility. ANITP is also responsible for maintaining the Integrated System for Monitoring and Evaluation of Victims of Trafficking (SIMEV) a central database on victims of human trafficking, and plays a key role in the referral mechanism. SIMEV is an important tool for the evaluation of the phenomenon, in order to identify trends and make them available for stakeholders and ensuring the effectiveness of early action to implement the national strategy against trafficking in persons. ANITP ensures the effective referral of victims to the assistance services providers, as well as monitoring the quality of assistance with which the victims are provided.


National Rapporteur or Equivalent Mechanism

In order to support the fulfillment of Romania’s obligation as an EU Member State, year 2013 represents the end of the transposition process of the Directive 2011/36 on preventing and combating trafficking in human beings and protecting its victims, and replacing Council Framework Decision 2002/629/JHA. Common approach of all relevant institutions to adapt national legislation to the provisions of the European law were completed in April 2013 at the deadline required by the European Commission, Romania being one of the first seven MS countries that have managed to fully transpose the directive. In the process of implementing the article 19 of the EU Directive on Trafficking in Human Beings 2011/36, Romanian authorities opted for an equivalent mechanism to a national rapporteur assigning provided task to the ANITP which was set up within the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

Non – Governmental Organizations

Str. Pop de B?se?ti nr. 49-51,  Sc. 2 Ap. 11, Sector 2, Bucharest
Tel/fax: 021 253 29 04
Email: adpare@adpare.eu

Str. Halmeu, nr. 12-14 ,Sector 2,
CP021118 , Bucharest
Tel: +4021 212 48 68
0751 179 274
Fax: +4021 210 72 55
Email: aidrom@gmail.com

Betania Bac?u
Str. Nordului, Nr. 19 Bis, Bac?u.
Tel : 0234 206 016
Fax : 0234 206 017, Mobil: 0745 389 909
Email: office@asociatiabetania.ro , george@asociatiabetania.ro

Caritas Bucure?ti

Str. Gh. Pripu nr.  22-36, Sector 1, Bucharest

Tel: 021/233 21 35
Fax :021/233 21 36
Email: office@caritasbucuresti.org.com

Centrul „Ra?iu” Pentru Democra?ie

P?a 1 Dec. 1918, nr. 1, Turda, Cluj

Tel: 0264/ 317 555
Fax: 0264/306 350

Email: office@ratiudemocratycenter.org

Website: http://www.ratiudemocracycenter.org/index.php/en/

Institutul Est European pentru Sanatatea Reproducerii

Str. Moldovei 1,
540493, T?rgu-Mure?, Jud. Mures
Telefon 0265 255532, 0265 255931
Fax 0265 255370
E-mail office@eeirh.org


Str.Pacurari, nr.20, bl. 4, parter, cod 700511, Iasi, Romania
Telephone: +40 332 803 634
Website: www.eurodemos.org
E-mail: eurodemos@yahoo.com

Genera?ie T?n?r?

Str. Molidului, nr. 8,Timi?oara
Tel: 0256/282 320
Fax: 0256/215 659
Email:  office@generatietanara.ro

People to People Foundation

str. Republicii nr. 36
Oradea, 410159, Romania
Tel: (+40) 359411700
Fax: (+40) 359411700
E-mail: nicugal@people2people.ro

Pro Refugiu Association

Calea Crangasi, nr.56, sector 6, Bucharest, Romania
Telephone: +40732623218
Website: www.prorefugiu.org
E-mail: office@prorefugiu.org

Save The Children Rom?nia 

Intrarea ?tefan Furtun? nr. 3,
Sector 1, Bucharest.
Tel: (+4)021 316 61 76
Fax: (+4) 021 312 44 86

Website: www.salvaticopiii.ro

Email: rosc@salvaticopiii.ro


Zambetul Ingerilor Association

Str. Radu Beller nr. 31
Bucuresti, Sector 2

Website: www.azi-ong.ro

Email: contact@azi-ong.ro


Solidaritate si Speranta Foundation

Str. Costache Negri, nr. 48, 700071


Tel: (+4) 0232220548

Fax: (+4) 0232271228

Website: www.fundatia.mmb.ro

Email: contact@fundatia.mmb.ro


Terre des Hommes

Str. Franzelarilor nr.6, Sector 2

020786, Bucure?ti, Romania

Tel: (004) 031 4378698

website: www.tdh.ch


Telefonul Copilului Association

Website: www.telefonulcopilului.ro

Email: telefonulcopilului@telefonulcopilului.ro


World Vision Rom?nia 

Str. Rotasului, nr. 7,
Sctor 1, Bucharest.
Tel: 021/222 91 01
Fax: 021/224 29 72
Email: rom_office@wvi.org