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The national strategy on trafficking of human beings (THB) was prepared and approved by the 1018/2008. (III. 26.) Govt. Decree on the national Strategy against Human Trafficking for the years of 2008-2012, in line with the relevant international recommendations. The strategy entered into force by 10 April 2008 and ended in 2012, without having had an Action Plan. However, based on this strategy a lot of developments took place in Hungary, especially in 2012 as regards legislation (amendments of the Criminal Code and the Child Protection Act and relevant governmental decrees) and new structure and institutions. Changes affected especially the child protection system in Hungary. Care and reintegration of the child victims and unaccompanied minors was improved. Several conferences and meetings were held, as well as training courses for professionals.

After the Parliamentary elections in the spring of 2010, the new Government re-allocated the law enforcement and policing tasks, including migration issues, from the Ministry of Justice and Police to the Ministry of the Interior. The present coordinator for human trafficking is the Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Interior (Mrs/Dr. Krisztina Berta). She is also acting as the national rapporteur. Members of the Coordination Mechanism are the responsible government agencies, including investigation, law enforcement and child protection agencies, as well as non-government organizations. The number of invited NGOs was increased, that is half of the members of the committee are NGOs.


The policy and strategy does not separate the adult and child victims of trafficking. The foreign children who apply for asylum are placed to the State Children Centre in F?t from 2011. Those who do not wish to stay in Hungary are placed in different child protection institutions, for a period, until the decision will be made regarding their case, which, in most of the cases to return them to their families.


A new THB strategy has been elaborated in the first months of 2013 by the THB Coordination at the Ministry of Interior, NGOs were involved in the discussion of the plans. Its approval is on the agenda.